Getting ready for SATs

It is never too early to begin to prepare for SATs. Look at the information below for ideas!

Welcome to our Prepare for SATs page!

Here you will find a lot of resources and information that will help your Year 6 child prepare for the standardised tests taken in May.  We want every child to succeed and do the best they can, and so ask for parent’s support in working in partnership to achieve this.

We hope you find the resources useful.  If you want any additional information or have any questions at all – just contact any member of the year 5/6 team who will be happy to help.


Essential Viewing – Video overview of the SATs tests – and how you can help.




 SATS Preparation Booklet

Please find attached the very useful handout provided at our recent SATs preparation meetings for parents and carers.

KS2 top tips parent booklet-2

If you need any further help or advice, please speak to Mr Bridgwater.


SPAG Placemat

The link below is to 'SATs Companion' website.  This is an excellent revision guide for the SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) SATs. It shows the terms and definitions for all the elements which the children are required to know, understand and use in their tests.

SATs Companion Placemat


Maths Arithmetic – Addition

When looking at addition, the children will explore when to work mentally (this could include partitioning or jottings) or when to use a written method (making sure they line up the digits in the ones column or line up the decimal points.) The video below would help to develop and embed your child’s understanding of adding numbers using a written method:

Maths Arithmetic – Subtraction and Multiplication

Mental and written methods for different types of calculations continue to be a focus. The main focus is to be able to work with greater accuracy by identifying our own learning and steps forward. The videos below will help to develop and embed your child’s understanding of the written methods which they need to be able to use with greater accuracy and efficiency:


As part of the requirements of the SPAG SATs test, the children are required to know and understand a wide range of grammatical terminology. The children need to know what the words mean, understand how to use them and apply them in context. The following videos will help your child revise some of these words in a fun catchy way:

SPAG – Active and Passive voice

The children need to be able to identify sentences written in the active or passive voice. They also need to recognise how the use of the passive voice affects the presentation of information in a sentence. The following videos will help to remind your child of the difference between the active and passive voice and will help them to choose when it is most effective to use each one in their writing:

Maths – POWERS of 10

As well as knowing their written methods, times tables and division facts – the children need to be able to multiply and divide whole numbers and decimals by powers of 10 (10, 100, 1000.) Children can find it a tricky concept, it would really help to embed their understanding by watching theses videos at home:




As part of the SPAG test, the children will need to complete a spelling test. This will include 20 words, the words will follow a range of different spelling patterns and rules. Children will be looking at some of the spelling rules they may come across in the test. Listed below are some useful websites to visit to help your child revise the different spelling rules and give them top tips for remembering the spelling of some tricky words:



Whenever Division is mentioned, it is always met with a groan from the children. They appear to find this the most challenging operation to understand and use, particularly long division. They need to be able to use it confidently as it links to fractions and percentages too.

To help the children become more efficient with Division, it is really important that they are confident with, and can recall their times table facts quickly and efficiently. They should be learning and rehearsing these daily – particularly the 6,7,8 and 9 times tables which they find the most challenging to remember.

The following videos will also help your child to embed their understanding of the written methods for Division:

Maths Booster Division Home learning 14.3.16


 Information for Parents and Carers with children in Year 2 or Year 6:



SPAG – Word Classes

We are revising and embedding our understanding of the different types of words we use when speaking and writing. The following videos will help your child to revise some of the different types of words and their function:

Here is a useful resource which lists the different word types which the children need to know. It gives a definition and example for each one:

Word types word mat


We will be revisiting percentages. We will look at equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages, applying this skill to help us calculate percentages of a number or amount. Have look at the video below to remind yourself of some of our learning:

Have a go at printing out and playing the ‘Loop game’ below, this will help you to recognise equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages:


Boost your Learning – Percentages Home Learning:

Boost my learning – Home learning