Learning from Home (Remote Learning)

 Remote Learning


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Weekly Class Remote Learning

 Nursery Year 1 Year 3 Year 5
 Reception Year 2 Year 4 Year 6


General resources

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 Online safety
 Website and other links


Phonics Videos

(please click the blue word below to access the relevant phonics video)          

 SET 1  m, a, s, d i, n, d, p  g, o, c, k  b, u, f, e  h, l, r, sh  j, v, y, w  z, ch, th  qu, x, ng, nk             
 SET 2 ay  ee igh  ow  oo (zoo)  oo (look)  ar  or   air ir ou oy ea oi
 SET 3 a-e  i-e o-e  u-e  aw ur   er ow   ai   oa  ew   ire   ure   are 




Previous work - Summer 2020 Remote Learning

We have organised it for the easy access for each Key Stage, broken down into months, with challenges and activities to continue learning at home whilst school is closed.


General resources

(previously released)

  EYFS  Years 1/2  Years 3/4  Years 5/6 
 Online safety    March  March  March March 
 Website and other links    April  April  April  April
     June June  June   June
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Please read our Remote Learning Policy here Sept 2020.